Retail industry including procurement, storage, package, handling, transportation, distribution, sales and service, which is a whole supply chain linked together. Companies must be in real-time and accurately grasp the changes in business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow. RFID technology can bring enormous benefits for retailers and suppliers and customers; it makes the supply chain system much more simple and easier, automatic tracking goods' status in an efficient way. In addition, RFID also provides advanced data collection methods to facilitate customer transactions, and efficient ways of operating, fast and insightful strategic decisions and more benefits which bar code technology cannot replace. 




Raw material supply chain: Each vendor has an electronic tag, with the tag (unique) settlement, transfer cargo, query and other applications.


the transport of goods in transit and vehicles affix electronic tags, RFID installation on a number of checkpoints on the transport lines receiving transfer device. Real-time tracking the status of goods.


Inventory management: according to the electronic tag on each package, the system automatically recognizes the necessary goods inventory area, the number of stocks.


Using RFID systems in the checkout automatic scanning and billing, to replace the manual collection. RFID access control systems can reducing the rate of theft.


1. High efficiency: high automation work, fast processing, less human intervention.

2. Low cost: RFID technology in the supply chain, information flow is large, solid logistics relatively is small, that reduce the distribution cost;
3. Applicability: RFID is currently one of the most useful methods. Wal-Mart, Metro, ZARA and other international retail giants have been proved its applicability.



1. Enterprise real-time inventory control product information, learn about the patterns of demand, combined with automatic replenishment and vendor managed inventory (VMI) solution to improve inventory management capabilities.


2. Using RFID technology in the supply chain, from the production of goods to the retailer and then to the end user, goods and its distribution information can be real-time, accurately reflected in enterprise information systems, which greatly increased the company's supply chain visibility, making the entire supply chain and logistics management processes a fully transparent system.



3. RFID technology can greatly accelerate the process of enterprise information, with lower operating cost, companies can provide customers with accurate, real-time logistics information, personalized service, which greatly improved customer service level.

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