Whether you are a retailer, distributor or manufacturer, items are always on the move throughout your facility. Standard fixed RFID readers provide visibility into the inventory ‘at rest’ on your shelves. But you need to also track items as they travel in, through and out of your facility. But with Q-POINT solution, you can. 

Q-POINT – an advanced RFID solution having a combination of FIXED READERS & ANTENNAS with accessories, provide an additional layer of business intelligence at every transition point in your facility that allows you to more tightly manage your inventory to prevent lost sales, stock outs, theft and unplanned downtime. 



Attach RFID tags to supplies and medications.


Use RFID readers or gateways mounted in cabinets, doorways or rooms to wirelessly identify and locate medications and supplies.


See accurate, real-time data about inventory across multiple supply rooms in multiple hospital facilities.

Main applications:

RFID , the essential technology of smart manufacturing, could be used in follow parts:

Raw materials and spare parts tracing and inventory

Automatic production control for flexible needs

Production data collection and store, analysis

Products warehousing management within factory


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