In the current data-centric business landscape, information is everything. Q-FINDER gives you the real-time asset visibility to streamline operations, maximize asset utilization while making the AUDIT process easy and accurate.

Key features:  real time visibility – fixed and mobile readers keep a close track of all the assets and provide real time visibility to the user

Stream Line Operations:  all the step by step processes and streamlined 

Auditing: key use of q-finder is auditing, quickly, easily and accurately.


Q-FINDER offers end-to-end solutions —RFID, software and services — thus you can identify, track, and assign while making the  AUDIT process – easy and accurate like never before.




Attach RFID tags to supplies and medications.


Use RFID readers or gateways mounted in cabinets, doorways or rooms to wirelessly identify and locate medications and supplies.


See accurate, real-time data about inventory across multiple supply rooms in multiple hospital facilities.

Main applications:

Inventory Management

Collect inventory data to drive operational decisions and maximize supply use, manage supply inventory through efficient utilization and expiration tracking.

Inventory Accuracy

Compliments always-on reader infrastructure by targeting difficult to find items for easy locating of items within retail spaces.

Asset Tracking


Track and manage all kinds of items from bed sheets to rental equipment and more with smarter, agile management systems






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